Dr Yves Hirigoyen
 is pleased to welcome you on his oral and dental clinic website


About us

The dental practice is located at Nantes 44200 France, not so far from the Atlantic Coast and from the famous beach of La Baule, south of Brittany (please look at the map : "Plan d'accès")

Dr Hirigoyen, MD, DDS, former Chief Of Oral Surgery And Pathology Department at Nantes Hospital, Chief Of post graduate in Implantology at Nantes University greets you in a modern, recent, clean and hygienic private Hospital.


We practice all the fields of oral diagnoses and surgery such as dental implants, bone grafts, oral surgery, gum treatment and dental aesthetic in general.

We are resolved to give you the best information and care regarding dental treatments.


Just call the Staff +33 228 255 165 or Mail NCN.Sophie@yahoo.fr

Nouvelles Cliniques
Dr Hirigoyen
Bâtiment de Consulation
Bureau de Consultation
En salle opératoire
Accueil et Secrétariat

For Appointment, please call
+33 228 255 165
7/7, 24/24


New patients

The initial consultation will start with a discussion regarding any dental concerns you may have.

At the first appointment, we ask you to complete a medical history form. This helps ensure that before we examine your mouth, we are aware of any important medical factors that could affect your treatment. Then we will make a full analysis of your teeth, jaw and soft tissues inside your mouth. We take any necessary radiographs. All of this gives us an accurate picture of your oral health, and allows us to discuss the examination findings and all possible treatment options with you.


No treatment is usually carried out on this first visit, unless it is to alleviate pain or you request us to do so.

Meet the team


Accueil // Gestion du Cabinet


Infirmière de Bloc Opératoire // Aide Chirurgicale

Et tous les intervenants des Nouvelles Cliniques Nantaises :

  • Infirmières surveillantes, régulatrices, de salle opératoire, de salle de réveil
  • Infirmières des services
  • Brancardiers
  • Aides soignantes et autres personnels
  • Collègues des différentes spécialités (radiologues, anesthésistes)


... Et bien d' autres que vous n'aurez pas l'occasion de voir ... et qui pourtant, travaillent pour vous.

  • Environ 1 000 salariés et 200 médecins et professionnels de santé libéraux sur le site ;
  • Un classement régulier parmi les trois meilleures cliniques françaises.


Why choose us

We spend time with our patients in a relaxed but professional atmosphere. Our practice is dedicated in providing you with all types of dental and oral diagnosis and surgical treatments.

We can also ask for a quick appointment with one or the dental practionners we trust, helping you for a quick solution in dental care, and/or prosthodontic problem. 


We secure and maintain your oral health, thus minimising your risk of dental problems and the need for dental treatment in future.

Our aim is to provide you with the highest standard of general and specialist dental care at all times.


Preventive dentistry : Oral hygiene – Brushing – Gum treatments

Oral medecine : dermatology, general diseases

Oral Surgery : Extractions, impacted teeth, cysts, sinusitis of dental origin

Specialist dentistry : Implants and bone reconstruction


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En savoir plus

Le Cabinet


Inscription à l'Ordre n°44 1039 71 6 C
Contact par mail

Médecin Stomatologiste à Nantes

  • Ancien Maître de Conférences des Universités,
  • Praticien Hospitalier CHU de Nantes

  • Doctorat en Médecine (Stomatologie)
  • Doctorat en Odontologie (Chirurgie Dentaire)
  • Doctorat de Recherche en Sciences de la Vie (Recherche)

  • Fondateur du Diplôme d'Université en Implantologie de Nantes (3ème Cycle)
  • Fondateur de la Consultation Hospitalière d'Implantologie du CHU de Nantes (CSRD)

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